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船東英語口語面試 Part 3

 1.What is the purpose of ISM Audit? What is the Critical Equipment and System?

Audit is the systematic and independent verification to determine whether ISM activities and results conform to planned arrangements and whether these arrangements are effectively preformed to achieve the objectives of the company and relevant maritime laws.These are those where sudden loss of functional capability or where failure to respond when activated manually or automatically may create high-risk situations or major accidents. For example, main engine, steering gear and so on.

2.What are the critical Operations and conditions?

Critical Operations and Conditions are those which have a significant risk of causing major injuries or illness to people, or damage to ship, cargo, other property and/or the environment.

3. What does Non-Conformity mean? What is Major Non-Conformity?

Non-Conformity means an observed situation where the objective evidence indicates the Non-Fulfillment of a specified requirement. Major Non-Conformity is an identifiable deviation which poses a serious threat to personnel or ship safety or serious risk to environment. Which requires immediate correction the action. Lack of effective and systematic implementation of the ISM Code is also a Major Non-Conformity.

 4.What is a near accident? Please give an example to show your understanding.

The near accident is a kind of potential danger. If it is worse, it will become an accident. For example, two ships are in close quarters situation.

5.What should be paid attention to in the overhaul of cylinder?

Every operation must be complied with the preparation measures regulated in the safety meeting or in the SMS. All safety measures must be observed, such as persons should not stand under the engine room crane. The operator, who operated the E/R crane, must operate carefully and smoothly.

6.Before entering an enclosed space such as ballast tank, what action will you take?

 Prepare tools. Check all items in the checklist, such as test of content of oxygen, test of explosion point, exploded-proof lamp, good ventilation. Communication means should be available between operators inside and watchman outside and so on. Operators should wear protective clothing a breathing apparatus, a helmet, working boots, lifeline. Also a mark plate “Dangerous Operation in Progress” should be established at the entrance.


7.Please tell me the minimum safe oxygen percentage for the safety of the workers in an enclosed space.

More than 18% and no more than 23% of oxygen in an enclosed space will be ok for the safety of the workers.
大于18%,小于23% 的氧氣含量是安全的。        

 8.Have you ever seen SOPEP? What is SOPEP?(Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan)

Yes, of course. SOPEP stands for Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan.

 9.What information you could receive form SOPEP

The SOPEP should contain (but not limited to )the following content; Procedures to be followed by the Master or other crew in case of oil pollution. Pollution reporting system and the authority or persons to becontacted in the event of pollution including the telephone numbers etc. Detailed description of actions to be taken immediately by personson board to reduce or control the discharge of oil after the incident. List of oil spill response equipment to be maintained and prepared on board.(Removers, sprayer, oil absorbent, saw dust, sand, waste rags, scoop. Shovels, buckets, bamboo brooms, portable pump, protective clothing, portable containers.). The essence of the Plan is to avoid any possible oil leakage and oil pollution.Simply speaking, SOPEP should include such things as emergency contacts (telephone and other communication means, address etc), the equipment used in detailing with oil pollution, the muster list for oil pollution, the report procedure when the accident happens etc. SOPEP is compulsory on board most of the ships according to the ISM code.IOPP is the certificate for the vessel that is qualified for the requirements issued by the class on oil pollution prevention.

10.Could you list international conventions concerning marine shipping?

There are many conventions. For example: SOLARS, STCW95, MARPOL73/78…..

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